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Whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing monthly services, we provide flexible and scalable accounting services that help businesses grow and optimize their accounting.



From updating and organizing your books to managing your company’s payroll, our bookkeeping team is made of top graduates and CPAs who look after your books and uncover any cost blind spots.


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We prepare financial statements that convey your business activities and financial performance, helping you plan your future course.


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Our team is made of a roster of experienced controllers, CFOs and Directors of Finance to help review your financials, aid decision-making, or fill in for fractional duties. All of our CFOs have public company experience.


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Buying or selling a company? Our team of financial advisors and CPAs are here to give you 24-hour support during your deal process. 


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Thinking of going public? We can handle the administrative work to help your company navigate the waters of going public. From financial reporting, analyzing policies, to advising and filing news releases – our team can help you at any step of the way.


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As your business scales, your team does too. We can fill staffing gaps caused by sick or mat leaves, or provide short-term support. If you find yourself needing an interim solution fast to address a gap in your team or to get your accounting or controllership/CFO needs fulfilled, we’re the solution. 


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Treewalk guided us through a transformational period of our business and has become an irreplaceable partner. With their help, we were able to navigate a time of rapid growth and change, and as our business continues to evolve, we will continue to work with them.
Chris S.
CEO, Construction Industry
We have come to rely on Treewalk as a member of our team. They bring professionalism, accountability, and excellent service while providing all the critical aspects of accounting support.
Stephen G.
President & CFO, Mining Industry