Public Companies

    Being public is like running two businesses. On top of your day-to-day operations—which is a job in and of itself—you’ll have new challenges like raising money, investor relations and board governance.


    That’s where we step in. We can handle all of the administrative work to help your company go and stay public.

    Preparing financial statements, coordinating audits, acting as CFO – being public takes meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy – something we’re celebrated for.

    These are just some of the things you’ll need to check off the list—and ways we can help—if you’re a US or Canadian company going public.

      • Conversion to IFRS and quarterly and annual financial statements in accordance with the IFRS
      • Translation of US currency into CDN reporting currency
      • Choosing an audit partner and scheduling the audits
      • Selecting and analyzing accounting policy choices and making recommendations
      • Preparing management discussion and analysis drafts
      • Preparing material change reports and reviewing, advising and filing news releases
      • Preparing quarterly and full-year working papers, financial statements, period end adjusting entries and account reconciliations

    Accounting Services

    Behind on your books? We’ll catch you up. 

    Books are a mess? We’ll tidy them. 

    No books at all? We’ll get you started and keep you up to date.

      • Updating and organizing books
      • Bringing books to ASPE or IFRS, as appropriate
      • End of Month Reporting
      • Management of CRA filings
      • Monthly closes, quality checks, and trend analysis
      • Building out projections and cash flow statements
      • Determining profit ratios
      • Expense analysis to uncover operating cost blind spots
      • Access to our payroll specialist, with expertise in Ceridian and Quickbooks Payroll

    Often audited by government agencies, auditors, and others to ensure accuracy, financial statements provide a snapshot of your company’s health and give crucial information about your business performance. They’re the foundation for planning your future course. Our team of professional CPAs and analysts will always meet deadlines and provide consistent accurate reporting to ensure you can do the same.

    Our controllers keep your financials on track and handle the day-to-day accounting needs. We help with: 

      • Implementing controls and accounting policies
      • Managing cash flow and AP/AR
      • Completing budgets
      • Closing records on time
      • Preparation of quarterly financial statements and Management Discussion & Analysis
      • Preparation of quarterly and full year working papers

    Our team of dedicated professionals with public company experience act and serve as CFOs or as Principal Accounting Officers for US listings.

      • Navigating stock exchange policies
      • Liasoning with counsel to handle all administrative work and managing the robust documentation requirements
      • Navigating the contractual requirements and working with counsel to draft appropriate legal language
      • Preparing due diligence packages for financings, mergers and acquisitions
      • Selecting your transfer agent and handling all of the interactions with the filing agent