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With a vision of becoming the go-to training place for accountants, Treewalk was built to help accountants of all stages become empowered to live a fulfilling careers. So, when you join our team, our goal is getting you closer to yours. A fundamental part of this is using our resources, experience, and knowledge to help you get your CPA.


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yOU'LL be supported from day one

We pay for your designation

When you join Treewalk, we cover 100% of your CPA designation, including your PEP course fees, annual dues and professional development courses. 


And better yet, we don’t have a clawback policy. So, if you decide to leave at any point, we’ll never ask for that money back. In fact, we’ll even reimburse you if leaving your current firm involves a clawback. 

Training & Team

With an in-house training specialist to guide you through your practical experience, you’ll have guidance from day 1. And with our team comprising of CFOs, Directors of Finance, and other CPA students on the same path as you, you’ll find yourself surrounded by supportive mentors and peers. 

Work with the industries you want

Being industry-agnostic, we take on client files from all sorts of new and emerging industries. You’ll get exposure to a different range of business backgrounds. 


Have an industry you’re particularly interested in? We’ll do everything we can to get you that experience.

The space to succeed

Finally, the CPA designation isn’t an easy path. It requires determination and time. That’s why we give you the training, tools, but also, just as importantly, the space to do your best work. With permanent remote work options and paid time-off for study leaves, we’re here to support and make accommodations anywhere we can.

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HOw do I become a CPA?

To begin your journey to designation, you must satisfy the following requirements: 

  • Have a university degree, with full completion of prerequisite education (full list here)
  • 120 credit hours of post-secondary education
  • Present good character and reputation

For international students studying in the province of BC, you must additionally satisfy the following requirements: 

  • Have a valid study and work permit, if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a Canadian third-party degree assessment report for international degrees

Please refer to your provinces’ official CPA requirements to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What kind of financial support will I be able to receive from my company?

The amount of financial support provided by an employer depends on the company’s decision. At Treewalk, we provide 100% funding of your CPA schooling fees for your PEP courses. Additionally, we pay for your annual dues and any professional development fees. All of these come come with no clawback policy – meaning you will never be required to pay this money back, regardless of the length of your employment.

Is work experience required to become a CPA?

In the province of British Columbia, all candidates are required to have 30 months of professional work experience in a related accounting field. For our BC candidates, Treewalk offers a pre-approved program route (PPR) through financial reporting.

Please note that this page offers general public information on getting your CPA license. It is not advice. For more specific information or clarification, please consult one of our advisors, or visit